Jarvee - FB posting the same content on different Groups and Page

Hello Guys,

Am struggling with posting the same image on my 22 groups and 22 Facebook pages.
Am promoting model for my plateform, I therefore need to post a model photo into those differents channels with a link driving toward their profils.

A FB alarm comes in saying that I am spaming. Ridicuoulous being the fact that I own those community but FB punishes me from posting into them…anyway, I was wondering if someone has the same problem and manage to find the perfect settings into Jarvee to get that running smoothly!
Thanks for your help!

You should spread your posts and use multiple FB accounts to avoid posting to many groups and pages using the same account. Also, use some strong spin syntax when posting to make sure that you’re not using the same post text over and over again.

Am using 5 differents FB profil, it is 8 post per profil dispatch on 24 hours.
What it seems to be the problem is the photo. Eventhough, Jarvee has this functionality to make it “unique”, it looks like FB detect it…or detect the link eventhough, it is generated with a link shortner…I don’ t know…
My spin sythax has 80 text combinaisons.

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What is the exact message you see? Link shorteners dont really work on FB. FB looks at where the link goes to. You can use something like Faststone Photo Resizer to flip, crop, and alter colours on the images to see if that works by making them more unique.

Hello Islandman,
I heard that… to avoid FB looking at your landing page / where the link leads to, some cloaking technique can be used. Image attached.

The software you describe would be good if only it could be fully integrated into Jarvee and if it could make 40 different images automatically…If we have to convert each image manually and many times, it is not time saving and I guess it is loosing all the purpose. Do you get something similar as message from Facebook?

Yes I do get the same messages sometimes but I use multiple pics of the same person. That pic you have posted is probably too hot now for FB. No face, just wearing a thong etc is probably too much now. Also on the site you are linking to you have a lot of words that FB don’t really like. What you can try is make a pre landing page with just a button saying “are you over 18” or something similar so the user clicks to continue. That way FB look at that page and not the final page with the more risky things on. But generally I would say that pic is too strong for FB. If you look in the support inbox they normally give a better reason for it being marked as spam. Mostly it will say sexual solicitation or something similar.

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Well, we do get another type of message when the image is too sulfurous. I get the spam message even on fully dressed women, I will check anyway…
What words are you refering to?
All the sulfurous content is not accessible on my landing page unless you click on a button which reveals it.
You said you use multiple pic of the same person - so totally different content, not an alternated version of the same photo, right?

FB is very difficult because they will never reveal the exact reasons for a block otherwise we would all know how they decide these things. I can see words like footjob…etc etc. Something else you can try with the message is add a few emojis and add them at the end or even the front or in the middle of the words as it confuses FB in what it can read. Yes I have multiple pics but you can make that pic into multiple pics by changing hue and colours etc. I use 30 accounts with about 20 pics per account and they each post 20 times a day so there is a chance the same pic is repeated but not very often.

Yes I got you.
Changing the color and hue will be fantastic if a program can do it automatically and generate 20 pics of the same pic.

" I use 30 accounts with about 20 pics per account and they each post 20 times a day so there is a chance the same pic is repeated but not very often."

Into how many canals? Same group & pages?
I would be happy to have the screen of your settings…