Jarvee Follow Error Transport Error Type: Timed OUT

Hello, I have a question and i couldn’t find this error type on Jarvee blog and here. I run a few account with Jarvee. All of them have same niche, and settings similar. Jarvee started to blank my 2 account,
Only one account’s follow tool turned red and gives this error: <TransportErrorType.TIMED_OUT: 3>, '(RECV_TIMEOUT) Receive Timeout to

I don’t use proxy for this 2 account. (others have private proxies)

Second account has no error, yesterday i had an error but not this one, when i tried to restart i took daily like block. But Jarvee blank it today anyway- 0 action. I can like or follow with phone. But want to understand this error type, i changed my follow settings, no problem with internet connection, restarted a few times…
Is there anyone who know why this is happening?

Try checking “Use embedded browser to follow” in Social Profiles tab

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Rest account and do this list:
-Stop Follow 2/3 days actions (check EB like @yellowspb said)
-Check Proxies
-If error continues ,rest follow and send mail to jarvee team, wait until your Jarvee updates
-Reset Device ID and start follow again

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I rest account for 2 days, afterthat restarted with embedded browser and changed my proxy again.
Jarvee stopped blanked and for now it is working. Thanks for help.

Yes it worked thank you!