JARVEE FOLLOW ISSUES! not on the iphone app?

the only place i’m not able to follow is Jarvee.

So I changed the scrapers settings both limits and random API actions.
I lowered my follow settings Down to 50 follows pr day.
I changed the API settings limit on my main account.

And i still (ON JARVEE) i get blocked when i try to follow.
It says i’m temp blocked on Jarvee but i just tried to follow manually on my
iPhone (the app) and i was able to follow 5-6 people.

Jarvee has follow issues right now
for almost 2 years without any issues and now because of the Jarvee Update i’m not able to follow
if i was temp blocked on my account i would not be able to do any action on my (IPhone app)

Like & Story view works on Jarvee but not following

I’m only able to follow 10 - 20 people on Jarvee.
On my phone manually i can follow 40 pr hour
that’s weird.

It has nothing to do with the proxy or anything else it’s a Jarvee issue my proxy changes every 5 min and i also tried different proxies still follow Block on Jarvee

It has been like this for almost 40 days.
It’s very frustating because i’m able to follow on my phone and webbrowser but not on Jarvee.

Did you guys experience this before ?


Firstly real manual work is always safer so ofc you can do more.

The thing you must realize is that you have to warmup on tools like jarvee or you will get blocks. Have you tried resetting device id?

Hi yes i have tried to warm up by following 50 pr day. And i did reset id but i still get Blocks.
Now i sended out my binary cookies to Jarvee support so they will try it out from there end.

The thing is i did send the binary files to Jarvee a couple of times it did not block from ther end but from my software it makes issues.

It must be a API Update issue.

We don’t get those issues. Reset Id and try use a 4g proxy. Also try some other actions first before follows to see if that helps.

Hi again.
i’m already using a 4G proxy right now with 5 minutes rotation. 1 for main account. And one extra 4G proxy for scrapers 2 different proxies to get the maximum protection. Still Block on Jarvee

  • Beside of that, i have tried to let the following rest for 48 hours still no sign of improvement it should work fine after 24 hours but i gave it 48 hours.

  • I also tried to reset device id but that does not help too. I also tried to unfollow accounts on Instagram that is “pending” maybe that could be a reason too ?

I’m only blocked on Jarvee not on the iPhone app or EB when i manually do actions.

Is this a main account?

Change your rotation to much higher if you only run one account.

Check the option to use eb in account settings and see if you can follow in EB. Watch it in real time.

Yes it’s my main account not a Client account.
My trustscore is pretty High on Instagram it’s an 15 years Old account and i’m also verified.

I tried to do actions from EB from Jarvee it does not do issues if a go into the EB Window and do actions. Only when Jarvee does it, it gets blocked

I changed the rotation to change every 1 hour now. Still it gets blocked

2 months ago i did not get temp blocked even if the rotation was 5 minutes.

This is very weird…

So i just tried to follow manually from EB

It followed succesfully manually 10 accounts

I tried API from Jarvee it Got temporary blocked just by following 1.

Now i tried to follow from (IPhone App)
I successfully followed 10 accounts also

Jarvee says i’m temporary blocked ???
It’s not true!!!

and i reinstalled the software still it says i’m temp blocked but i’m not. WTH ?

Also Jarvee Support tried to follow from there end.

Succesfully it follows from EB & API

But my Jarvee gets temp blocked everytime it tries to follow what can be the reason ?

I tried almost everything…

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I will dm you

No issues here lol