Jarvee Follow Settings and Warm Up 16 Days Analysis Journey in 2020

I will try to stick with the settings I had success recently with my other accounts for this series. “Automation is dead” is a gimmick so people won’t overcrowd the new more valuable Instagram market created by the security and proxy updates.

This is the first video that also serves as a guide. The key points are: proxy, scraping, browser vs API, nightmode, follow+like settings, automation of routine user actions, posting. Viewer discretion is advised. Outrageous loud intro music, plus I might sound autistic.


Good luck with this I will be following along :slightly_smiling_face:


Good luck! Definitely following, I plan to do something similar too


the fuck man… first 10sec made me instantly stop the video


Why do you give recommendations if you do not understand how automation works? A terrible video, effects like in The Ring movie, I do not recommend for viewing! :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

You don’t bring any contribution to the subject, you just complain and bring reddit-tier criticism. Make your own video try to help people, show use that your knowledge is better than mine. You either are Sushkov lurking on that Facebook group for Jarvee or you are someone who copy pastes from that group on mpsocial.

The aesthetic is post-ironic, everyone on the social media niche are creating semi-professional clips, everyone doing the same editing. I don’t expect the groveling masses to understand the concept so better subscribe to downvote and write 9 year old commentary on every video. Please show me you really value your time and you are successful by posting useless shit on the internet.

And by the way, copy-pasting the same comment about my video here on my video really gives away your originality the as as copy-pasting from the Facebook group. So that’s why I deleted it.

I know. It’s meant to do this, to create repulsion and ear rape. In this way only people that are really interested and have low time preference are willing to watch.

lol copy? you deleted it because you want see only good comments, this is my opinion and as you see in this thread I’m not only one! Your video

  1. Badly mounted.
  2. The information that you provided is taken from the group on fb and as I said, you do not understand how automation works if you give such recommendations.

Good luck!

it would be better if you asked for advice, I always help everyone who asks me for advice, and you want receive only good reviews, deleted bad comments, do you think this way will teach you something? think so you will teach someone something good? I do not think so!

Write everything you want to reply on the same post. It took you some time and cognitive power to write that in two separate posts. Learn to express yourself in English, or your own language for that matter. Commenting the same text on the forum you found the video and on the video itself is spam in everyone’s view. And it makes you look desperate. For some reason my video makes uncomfortable for other reasons which are community-driven.

and you, learn how make good video, about information that you give, I’m already silent! Whoever needs it will understand!

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Minor setback 3rd day because I had to change the timezone and create new intervals(2nd day). Plus this video editing stuff seems simple at first look but it’s not, at least for me.
Here I’m talking mainly about the importance of creating step backs on the warm up schedule so as to resemble the back and forth behavior of human beings. If you think about it 8/10 people are clearly not influencers in any form, so they won’t share the behavior of progressively increasing their followings per day. Normal people follow one day 24 people, another day maybe 4 and some days don’t even login. It is important to emulate that, of course you won’t emulate it perfectly because that would take too much time, but, at least insert some nuance in your settings.

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