[JARVEE] Follow sources disappearing

Just wanted to ask if somebody has similar issues or it‘s a known bug or something.

Yesterday i added about 5000 follow sources (usernames for following specific users) today I ran out of sources and when i checked the follow sources tab there was not one single source left.

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I’d suggest you to contact Jarvee’s support and send screenshot of “After follow actions” in follow tool, there is some options there that might caused it. Include logs too.


Could be filters excluded all the users.
Check the follow settings

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@kripke Hey there, I’m having the exact same issue. Were you able to resolve it? Cheers, Puya

I noticed the same thing in my account last night. I was going to go copy my follow sources and it had gone from about 100 down to 5!

Same here. I took screenshots and reported it to JV. Too many people complaining, it’s probably a glitch. Hopefully JV upgrades soon.