Jarvee - Follow Sources Settings

Would like to talk about this tool because i am unsure whats the best way to use it.

  1. How to add sources

for adding sources there are 3 options:

  • Add likes
  • Add comments
  • Add likes and comments

For example if you add just “likes and comments” you get a 14% followback ratio.
This could be because you get a 14% fbr from likers and a 14% fbr from commenters
But in reality its much more likely to get different fbrs. Could be 16% fbr from commenters and 12% from likers.

Maybe thats not a problem at all but if you are removing your poor quality sources it could be.


To continue with the example if you just use “add likes an comments” your source gets removed. Because it has an overal fbr of 14% and we are removing sources under 15%

Knowing this it appears much smarter adding the sources twice once for comments and once for likes.

Haha but maybe I am just blind and cant find the option because I would like to follow every user only once to make sure i dont follow twice if somebody liked and commented.

Has somebody found a solution to this? Every input very appreciated. ty


Hi, I don’t use this option as i can not get follow back ratio of individual sources. Also the interacted accounts can be from dm groups or power likes.

Instead i use “follow followers of target accounts” , using that i can get follow back ratio of individual sources and i can remove sources with low follow back ratio

Hy @Waseem_2048 right now I am playing around with different configurations. I also did follow followers when i started automating. My main goal is to get accounts with high engagement. And somebody just following an account is not a good filter if i want to have good engaging followers. Because it says nothing about the accounts Engagement. It just says „he followed this Account“

For example I tried to „catch“ people online with this option. I thought it‘s nice when they receive the follow while they are online. So i used a lot of sources and and put the timer to 1 minute. So they interacted in the last Minute with the post and then they receive my follow and sonetimes a like. Did not work as good as expected.

If you have those two sources (1. likes 2. comments) you definetly will get a better view on the actual followback rate of each, so it’s a good idea! And I mean if you already followed that account, the bot won’t follow it again anyway…
You can also just go to settings -> social platforms -> Instagram -> “Enable Follow different users across all accounts”
Hope this helped :slight_smile:

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What if the source was using powerlikes and power comments?


I select the accounts and check them. I start with searching for highly engaged accounts. Then i sort suspicious ones out.

Haha very good point, could definetly be the case!

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I am really not sure about this.I thought it might happen jarvee follows a liker one day - unfollows the next day - and after that follows for commenting again.

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Yup it might, unless you check the option right next (on the right side) to the one I sent you :slight_smile: But will use quite more ram, depends on your pc/vps if it can handle it I guess…

Haha i am also not sure about this I thought its meant between accounts. To avoid two accounts following the same account.

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it is, but on the right side next to that there is an option where it saves all the people you followed across all accounts! That will do! If you only want it specifically for that account I think jarvee does that automatically but you could contact their support to be sure :slight_smile:

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if you look next to where you add the usernames in the ‘follow users that interacted with post on target accounts’ section right next to it you’ll be able to see the individual follow back ratio