Jarvee following same accounts over and over again


My Jarvee follows the same accounts over and over again, even people that i already unfollowed and they still following me.
Then i get questions in the DM why i unfollowed them or why i started following them again.
I look a bit creepy doing this because I’m an micro-influencer so not a regular account in a niche.
Is there any jarvee setting to prevent this feom happening?

How often does it follow the same users? Have you checked your ‘Results’ tab in the follow tool for duplicates? It shouldn’t ever follow the same user twice unless you’re selecting specific profile targets.

Yes, what @embraceone mentioned makes sense. If you would manage multiple accs I would suggest you to scrape the target beforehand and split those in between.

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I only have one profile i use for jarvee (well actually two but i don’t mind if they follow the same people)
It’s just with one account i follow people, then unfollow them, then i follow them again

I’m only targeting followers from target accounts that maybe follow the same users as i live in a very small country.
I could not find a duplicate setting at results tab

Could you potentially have been following these people before using Jarvee? Were you using any software beforehand?

No jarvee is the only software i used

You should contact Jarvee support and attach all the relevant data.

So there isnt one setting to change it?
Because it doesn’t suppose to be happening right?

It shouldn’t be happening by default. There must be an issue since the latest update. I know that there have been other issues as well.

It’s happening for some time now, way longer than the june of July updates

Contact the support, normally Jarvee puts the followed/unfollowed on a blacklist to prevent that.