Jarvee Following users who are mutually followed by other followers


is there any way setting Jarvee up that it only follows users who are followed by at least 3 people we follow ourselves?

Example: I follow James, David and Sarah.The bot should only follow someone who is followed by at least James and 2 other people I follow (for example David and Sarah).

I have gone through all the settings and I don’t think it’s possible, but just wanted to make sure.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.

You can scrape each of the user’s followings and extract duplicates using the “Scrape Tools” function.


Amazing, thank you!

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When I just tried to do it, I can’t seem to find where I can scrape peoples’ followers. I can scrape suggested users of accounts, but I can’t find where to scrape their followers. Where can I find it?