Jarvee for TikTok automation

Is Jarvee ready for proper TikTok automation or it will take more time.
Anyone using Jarvee for Tiktok! their feedback ?

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used it, doesn’t work well, ask the support for help and they said it’s in beta stage and it’s gonna work when they fully release it, but maybe if you only want to post it works, follow tool, like tool and comment tools do not work

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most of my accounts are working well others are not but keep in mind that it’s a beta version once they release the full app things will be different.

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Did you use the tools recently? A few days ago they made the follow tool and unfollow tool use the embedded browser if doing action/scraping using API is blocked. I used to get a lot of errors too. It’s been working well for me since the last update.

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haven’t tried recently, cause i have my own bot now, might try someother time tho

nice! is it working well on full API? You should definitely try it

The Tik Tok beta is buggy , though i can login in Embed Browser and also do actions. but with api shows error and no actions.
No option also to use E Browser for tik tok automation

I have also sent a request for that EB thing, they might add that in there next update if a lot of users asked for it.

I think they’ll release that new option very soon. I’ve contacted their support and they say they are working on it.

well , let’s just wait for tiktok to be NOT banned haha

India, US who else :laughing: if it gets banned from EU as well that will be game over.