Jarvee Hashtags Tool - no results?


does sb know why my jarvee doesnt gimme related hashtags anymore?
I tried an older version & the newest, other accs, also on an amazon vps/rdp, it doesnt gimme results

My result with every hashtag research:

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The hashtag scraper hasn’t been working for quite some time.

This related hashtags were a very old api from IG and they removed it. So jarvee had to remove it too.

If you type any hashtag for example before we had blue small related hashtags under the main one but now you can try again and see they are not there, so unfortunately

Ohhh… haven’t used the tool for a while but needed it actually today and saw that related hashtags are gone :frowning: you have something else but it’s not like “related”

IG made some changes that forced Jarvee to remove that button, they are restricting those API calls, when i contacted their support that’s what they said.