Jarvee Headaches! Help Needed

Still Battling with Jarvee and I thought I had started getting some calmness until this week.
Now, I am getting a few captcha a day on a small setup. I am losing about 60 scrapers a day.
I have tried to keep my accounts as different as possible, heaps of different proxy sources, different follow styles, nightmodes… Everything I can think of but still I am getting accounts disabled and verifications daily.

Most of my accounts are on api but use EB for follow/ like and DM. My theory is that after my scrapers get delays or get disabled my accounts take on excessive api calls and they get disabled? Not sure if this is true or not.

I have changed a few accounts to EB only and they got hit with follow blocks straight away and a couple got captcha.

I am using 3x 4g proxy modems- different providers
I am using 1:1 4g proxies
and I am using some residential proxies

I have used about 5 different sources for scrapers and accounts and have made some manually and they all get hit with issues.

Can anyone give me any ideas to test or solutions? I have had to turn jarvee off for the time being, as it’s nothing but chaos.


The issue is most likely not your setup but the number of actions that you do per day.

Can you give us more details about your actions, tools, configuration (screenshots if possible).

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Will send some screenshots when I get home. Of just the blocked accounts or mixed?

Generally I do 100-150 follows and then 10-25 dms, but even my warmup accounts are getting disabled and hard follow blocks.

I warm up slowly and takes a month to dm which was working until recently.

*had to turn jarvee off, woke up to my best slave having a temp lock. It never usually gets blocks and has survived multiple captcha waves so something is definitely wrong.

I have a feeling its to do with api calls.

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Should my slaves be doing lots of api calls? Like 400+ a day?

Why do you wait a month to start DMs? Was that the key to avoiding blocks before? Because i’ve been getting destroyed by blocks for months now and usually start DMs after 3-5 days…

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I go by the way my follow tools are working. For some reason most of my accounts will get regular blocks, some die and the ones that live usually stop getting blocks, So thats when I bring in DMs.

Tried it at 2 weeks but got too many issues. It’s not scalable at all. I’d love to be able to do them faster, but everything turns to hell when I go fast.

This week has been hell in general for some reason

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Here is my best slaves setup. It got a temporary block yesterday and usually never gets blocked. had it for over 6 months doing jarvee

Here is one of my disabled accounts

I am a little confused, are you using full api or full EB on your slaves? Or using the same account to scrape and follow? I wouldnt use slaves to scrape API and follow EB I would setup scraper accounts.

In your advanced profile settings I would select the option “USE ONLY EB” on your slave accounts so they arnt making any extra API calls through the API. Make sure you have scraper accounts setup to feed these EB only accounts with follow sources etc. Also set a daily follow limit and hourly if you want so they stop at your limits.

Then rest the blocked accounts for 24 hours and try following manually in the browser and see if the block is lifted. If you are starting the account fresh in the EB without previous history I would start slow and warm up the account and not go hard on day 1. (even if its an aged account you have been running on API for years) Logging into the EB will be a new device so you have to get the account warmed on it. Dont switch back and forth from API to EB too much that might cause blocks etc.

And lastly try tweaking your follow and DM settings and relax them a bit. They might be a bit aggressive.

Yeah I have scraper accounts doing the work while the accounts are set in api but do certain tools in EB. I got told to do this after I had issues with EB only in the past.

I tried switching a few to eb only yesterday and it caused blocks. Not sure if it was the change in settings or just a coincidence though.

Would changing them to eb only result in less blocks and captcha you reckon?

Also what limits for follow and dms do you recommend? I have heard lots of people doing 150 follows with about 20 dms.

and thanks for your comment. Appreciated!