Jarvee Help - Safe Settings but still got PVA

I’ve been running on pretty safe settings that has been working for a week or so. I saw a growth of 80 followers from this week. Then in these past few days, the growth slowed down to 2-3 per day. And now today, I was met with a phone validation. This shouldn’t be a problem with my settings because I have been running the same settings with my other accounts for a few months already. This account that got phone validated was created in a legit way about 4-5 years ago. The only change that I made the day before my account got a PVA was turning off dynamic hashtags. Has Instagram finally caught on?

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Instagram has “caught on” to your proxies I would be willing to bet. Eighty followers a week is painfully slow you might wanna refine your sources maybe?


Phone Verifications are a part of the game, so nothing to really get too concerned about. But it is good to know what’s causing it. Do you want to share a bit more about what other actions you are doing and how much of them, to help people diagnose it. I’d have been surprise if not having hashtags in a post suddenly caused a PV. That said, how are you posting to this account - are you doing it through your real mobile, or posting through Jarvee on a datacenter proxy? Because it’s a common thing at the moment to get a PV when posting from a basic proxy, or for the post to simply not post (or get deleted immediately).