Jarvee How to Collapse new menu?


I have got a really stupid question, but I can’t find a way to collapse that new menu that Jarvee came up with.

Basically all the tabs that were on the top are now on the left side and I don’t like it. Is there an option to move them back to the top or at least hide it?

I can see the button to hide the main menu but not this one.

Thanks in advance!

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I’m guessing it doesn’t exist but I’d enjoy it if it did. Couldn’t see anything indicating it was possible yesterday sadly.

It takes far too much space and is useless for me in this form.

Try to contact the Jarvee support, maybe they can help you

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Yeah, will ask them. Maybe they can add this in the next update.

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would be nice if you had the previous option and the new option let us know what Jarvee support says :+1:

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Just got a reply from them saying that it’s not possible without any indication about adding this in the future.

Maybe if a few of us complain, they will consider adding the option to collapse it or move in in the next update?

Can you guys also write to support? Strong in numbers :slight_smile: