Jarvee: How to continue scraping?

Dear MPSocial Community

My goal is to scrape all the followers of the instagram page “distrokid”.
When I use the scraper tool in Jarvee, I sometimes stop the process to make sure I don’t lose data. Sometimes I also close Jarvee for the night.
I’ve set the “Total to Scrape” to 100’000 (all of distrokids followers). But whenever I stop it and click the next time on “Continue from where it left off” (1) it shrinks down to 10’000. (2)

It is impossible for me to scrape all the followers as I always have to start again.
Is there a possibillity to keep the “Total to scrape” whenever I continue or is there a way to edit the total to scrape afterwards?

Thank you!

I’m having the same issue as well. Does somebody knows why the scrape tool is stoping entirely? I’ve scraped additional user info from lists of around 15-30k UserIDs but it finishes around 1-2k.

you need to check with Jarvee support about that issue make sure to explain the issue in details

I can talk to you via skype. I need advice on luminati

I found out how to fix it: When you scrape make sure that ALL of your scrapers have set the limit to scrape to a huge number like 1’000’000. Like that, it will always reset to the max to scrape of 1’000’000.


Did you contact Support regarding the issue?. (2) should show 96235 after you click on continue from where it left off.

Yes, found that as well and it works now - thanks!

But now there’s another issue. I see the Scrape Tool skipping a lot of users. So for example when I enter 100k UserIDs to extract additional user information + emails, I only get around 10k total results and 2-3k of them with emails.

I’m already chatting with the Support about that, but maybe some of you have experienced the same and have and idea why this is happening.