Jarvee https proxies / socks 5

Is that possible for jarvee to support socks5 proxies?

I don’t think that Jarvee support socks proxies. You can double check with their support if something changed, but as far as I know this is not supported.

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Jarvee does not support SOCKS4/5 proxies, from a software standpoint there is also no bigger reason to do so, since the Jarvee traffic is all HTTP based. Most proxy providers provide HTTP/S proxies or at least offer them in addition.

If you need a definitive answer if that feature is on the roadmap, best to ask Support or @Stiletto


You can also pass HTTP traffic through socks5 proxies…

That’s not the point - SOCKS was designed to tunnel all types of protocols, Jarvee only uses HTTP/S as a protocol, hence the need and therefore the priority for anything other an HTTP/S proxies will be at the bottom of the list. Pair that with the current ecosystem of most proxy providers offering HTTP/S proxies and the need to have SOCKS support is a very small niche.

But once again: if you have that need for whatever reason, contact support and let them know so it can be evaluated and maybe ranked higher.


This guide is in your direction ?

Jarvee doesn’t support socks 5, that I’m sure of :slightly_smiling_face:

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