Jarvee IG accounts disabled


Anyone know why my IG jarvee accounts keep getting disabled?

  1. I use 1 private proxy per acc
  2. all my acc’s have real numbers
  3. I use really really low settings withfollow/unfollow (50-100) and repost target acc content thats it (1-2 posts per day).

Jarvee support have not been able to help me…

Appreciate the help in advance…

Proxy Provider?
Are you buying or creating accounts?


there is no such a thing like “Jarve IG accounts”… maybe you have IG accounts running in Jarvee but not reverse… second, you post the same question in another thread… third, the answer is in @HenryCooper questions… :slight_smile:


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I use sslprivateproxy for proxies and I bought aged red IG accounts from buyaccs.com let me know what you think?

Thank you for correcting me :ok_hand:

You have links in your bio?
Also do you post the same content on all accounts?

I used same combo, all the accounts went down. Bad proxy and/or bad source of accounts. Either way I just changed my proxy providers and my way of starting the accounts.

Serious, who are you using for proxy provider now? Do they last? And who do buy your accounts from?

Buyaccounts sucks. @HenryCooper sells better quality proxies and accounts

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Send me a link I will try the #henrycooper brand :joy:

buyaccs is a reseller, so the batches come in different qualities from time to time. Sometimes the aged red are crap, sometimes they are good.

Thanks Henry could you kindly recommend an alternative ?

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