Jarvee IG ! What mobile proxy works in November 2019?

Hi guys,
I am new here…
Kindly tell me what kind of Jarvee IG 4G mobile proxy are you using and work well?


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Not about proxies.

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Yup, DC proxies are working awesome as well


@ciras what means DC proxies? Thank you

DC mean DataCenter proxies.

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Make your own and you can forget the hassle of getting proper provider


Thanks, @kitamain can you recommend a good way how can I do it?

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I would also like
To know a bit more about this. Is
There any more info on this ?

DC works - its all account based now

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you mean history,trust score,age of the account…?

I see that 2-3 accounts on 1 raw proxy works fine like 100-150 follows a day.
Think, all browser automation have same fingerprints (canvas, no webrtc …) it can’t work, maybe if you do diff hours and rotate the ip.

Have you ever tried @HenryCooper proxy for that? if not yet maybe you should definitely try.

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