Jarvee instagram mass dming


Is anyone using Jarvee to mass dm people? For example, back in 2018, I was able to send 20 DMS per account. 150 accounts x 20 DMS gave resulted in 3000 DMS in total per day. I just want to make sure this still works and if I need to implement comments to increase open rates. Let me know your thoughts.

you can send 30 per day without issues


Obviously the profiles need to be good, good spintax etc or otherwise they won’t inbox. Same as mass dm.

Comments, follows and likes will help. But comments need to be non spammy.

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20 direct messages per day are still doable, but you may need to use high-quality proxies (4G or mobile proxies) and accounts to achieve that.

I suggest testing the process with a few accounts first before you start scaling to more accounts.


Thank you, for the replies. Will follow your advice :slight_smile:

I’m going to do this manual with 3 accounts that are aged. Will let you know how it goes. Doing this to gain clients. Will be using 3 female accounts for outreach.

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Thnak you mates for the above useful nformation. We will also do some test and get back.

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Im wondering if people still manage to send DM’s in 2023?

Still possible. Same rules apply. Spin your messages and do 20/day with good profiles and you will be good! Proxies are also important

Yeah, I have a private bot with ChatGPT hooked and it sends lots of DMs, custom made even.