Jarvee, interacting with new posts only

Is this a better strategy so that you’re the first notification to be seen by a user?

How can I make JV do this, is it posted in the last X min or is it done in the source section?

In the settings tab check the option “comment users most recent post”, set the value to 1. I think that filter is enough but if you want to comment only on posts published within the last x day, you need to check that filter in Settings tab.

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Yeah, 1 day is too long, 1 minute is good.

I’m curious how this would work in terms of growth, but I feel like it would appear spammy?

I believe that it can be a good tool to use on large accounts only so you post an interesting or funny comment and are able to generate traffic to your own account if it gets enough likes.

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I see a lot of people doing that these days, but it’s obvious theyre bot comments: “ima be like drake one day” on a random video.