Jarvee is doing nothing! Help

Ok, I’ve been in touch with Jarvee support already and they just give me the same copy and paste answers they usually give out. I know that I’m not supposed to rant about them but sometimes they drive me insane.

Basically my issue is that jarvee is not working. I am either getting Error 581 codes or no errors at all. I have changed no settings and have been doing Basically the same thing for 6 months. The issue is that I can go into EB and do every action at full speed manually. Yet Jarvee won’t do anything automatically.

Jarvee told me its a proxy issue, so I contacted my proxy supplier and they said there’s nothing bad on their end. So, I contact Jarvee again and 6 hours later they tell me the latency is too high which is silly as they have always been too high and never had an issue.

They told me to update EB and then reduce my accounts per proxy I upgraded and then reduced to one account per proxy and still it doesn’t work. I told them this now have been waiting 3 hours and no reply.

I don’t think they realize that a lot of us make a living on jarvee and live and breathe it. Its been over 24 hours and I still can’t do anything.

Please can someone give me some ideas as this is getting frustrating. It has been working fine until yesterday. Was there a new Jarvee update?

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@DanielAdmin maybe can help?

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Thanks @schoko

Not fun indeed. Does anyone else experience it? Is here anyone from Jarvee on this forum?

Not a good news?

Exactly the same problem here :raising_hand_man:
I tried a few different settings but nope no actions will be done in EB. Contacted support yesterday but it’s a real tough process atm.
Account’s on Api works fine btw


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@heroeslair did you try to run Jarvee on a different environment? Like on an other Server? Did you try to use another proxy? These are the two things i would test first.

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I havnt used api in a long time as I had lots of issues with it. So, not sure I want to go down that road again.

@HenryCooper was great and took a look at my setup and concluded it’s not a proxy issue but a Jarvee issue and talked to the higher ups. He said they may try and add a patch to tomorrows update so fingers crossed.

My last option will be to export my accounts and then wipe jarvee and start fresh

I think they’ve made some fix related to Error 581. Try again, bro.

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Yeah saw the update. Unfortunately it doesn’t help. So, may have to delete jarvee and start from scratch.

Could try a trial jv first and see if it works

Hey everyone,

I apologize that you are having some issues with the software. We are working on this. Running some tests from our end.

We will keep you updated.


First operation successfully done via EB ~20 minutes ago…

could be a silent update idk :thinking: or coincidence. @heroeslair any changes on your side?

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Nah unfortunately, same thing. Going to let JV support look at my setup overnight

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We have released an update that should solve the issue.

Please restart the software and check from your end.

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Jarvee Support went on my VPS last night and fixed the issue. Not sure what was wrong so can’t specify a fix for anyone else with this problem. But it’s now fixed


It’s working on my side now, @heroeslair?


Yeah. Its fixed. Sorry didn’t add that to my response


Nice! I just came to the forum to let you know that my EB accounts working fine today. Haven’t changed anything.
Thank you for being persistent :muscle:

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Yeah they said they looked at mine and made another update. Not, sure if you had the same issue. But at least everyone is happy now!

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