Jarvee is worse with new updates

Same… Not risking any more clients, got 2 furious ones.


Yeah my wamup was similar. After a week or so was when I started getting lots of app verifications and follow blocks.

I warmed up for a week prior and took two weeks to get to 80 folllows.

Sorry to hear man.

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We hit 50% of clients accounts in follow block today. EB is too dangerous rn and API is non stop follow blocks. Fun times. Let’s hope JV can pull off some magic here soon.


We are aware that some users are having issues with temporary blocks. We are in the process of upgrading the API to the latest version which should reduce the blocks.

We estimate to finish in 1 - 2 weeks from now, until then, the users that are having issues with the API should try using the Embedded Browser (make sure that you warm-up first).

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I assume those updates are not that easy to be implemented so we’ll prolly need to be patient over that but I believe our patience will pay off.

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Is EB working again? I checked last week and it was causing mass captcha still. Even at low folllows. Api has no captcha but blocks and app verifications.

I think dms on both api and eb are having issues.

Has EB been fixed? Last we used it over 80% of clients got CAPTCHA.


EB still dangerous for me. Im still currently on tests and still getting cap and “Selfie on app”. The Selfie on app is now frequent on my side and the “wait 3-5 days” trick for it doesnt even work anymore.

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Thats annoying about the app validation. They must be reading our posts and acting accordingly

Are you guys on the normal track now?


Verifications are a way of life for EB/API bots, I think you should just factor this in and add more child accounts

Mother/Child going well here. Always issues like verifications/temp blocks but nothing that stops us bringing great results by adding more resources in the beginning

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After 5 days looks like all back to the normal life on my side, i just switch to API and start from 10-20 f/u

Now i added like on like exchange and soon i’ll reach the 100 f/u day

Next step its to add f/u tools to works togheter

See you soon


Are you using dms atm?

Thats when I noticed things went to hell

No im sorry
Never used.

How many accounts are you running?

Each pc: 5 master x 25 scrapers (Jarvee 30 plan) ; 4G Dongle No proxy

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Good to hear that! API still a mess for me. Too many temp blocks and hard blocks.

Anyone here went back to EB already?

face verification here. like 5% of accounts