Jarvee is worse with new updates

A few of the higher level guys have approached me and we have all concluded that either the latest patch on jarvee update or the latest IG update has made things worse. This is not effecting people with private bots. Only jarvee users.

This is what people are experiencing:
-Follow blocks that can not be solved. These only occur in api. 50% of some guys accounts are on follow/like block.
-DMs are not inboxing as they used too.
-App verifications: People are getting mass amounts of these daily.
-Dm blocks
-Scrapers with Mass App Verifications
-PV not working as well

We talked about this briefly in another thread in level 2 but I am bringing it to level 1 to see if anyone else is having trouble or have found a way to fix the issues they are having. Seems like most people have paused Jarvee or are wanting to quit.

Comment your thoughts guys.


@StayStyled @Hank9991 @ido @RustyBread @InstaZeus @AbdelGueraa and anyone else that has issues. Share them please so we can find a solution.

Switching to an ad only agency :joy:


From my side doing mass scraping for a lead generation business, just Today some accounts are starting to have 24h verification after using real local good quality sim cards for PV that match with the proxies, the success rate of these sim cards was always 100% in the last 6 months +, but today they started having problems all the sudden, i believe it’s temporary, but in my experience with Instagram things are more easy in spring and summer time and harder in winter for some reason.

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Havn’t noticed the changes really. I mainly notice we get 2-3 months calm and then usually something big changes and takes a month or two to adjust. Then another thing happens lol.

The people using private bots don’t seem to be getting the follow blocks or app verifications. But they use EB which isn’t working well in jarvee.


Lol the returns on ads are so low compared to MS


In the other hand, i got other batch of good quality scraper accounts that i didn’t use for 6 months, and the pv works fine on them with these sim cards, but the accounts that i’ve been using lately don’t accept these SIM cards for pv anymore, at least for now, i’m sure they will work fine again in the future.


I am having app verifications and also some hard block issues as well.

I figured out it was DMs for me getting 7 day hard blocks, which is weird cause DMs usually are not an issue for me. Only doing a very small amount of DMs and getting blocked.

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Hard blocked from dms or hard block for follows

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Yeah I find that once an account gets a captcha and you pass it. They will keep coming. Its very annoying.

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Hard blocked on DMs

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API Scrapers in JV/MP under scraper accounts: App Verification on 80% of them :frowning:
Slaves are OK, but if anything there are captcha/PV, never EV.
Keeping DMs to welcome messages after follow.
Everything off for now, in standby.
Only issues on JV/MP


Oh true. My dms are fine actually but follows have been blocked

Havn’t checked my scrapers. I got 5 app verifications on slaves yesterday which shut jarvee down. Havn’t turned it back on.

Pretty sure my scrapers are fine. But they are obviously not scraping anything atm.

Definitely api related.

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I also asked in the lvl2 thread: The ones experiencing issues, anything weird popping up in the accounts-related logs?

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Yeah good point. Keep sending in logs to support or pointing out things here.

I send in lots but don’t really get any feedback. I guess they have lots to go through and look for commonalities.


Jarvee is too unstable at this point, can’t risk client accounts no more so stopped the operation alltogether.


Yeah my accounts are all paused now. Not stable enough to run.

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I lost an 18K account that never received a PV before - been running since May 2020 and only publishing posts, stories and reels - no F/UF or likes or comments.
It’s stuck in the infinite “Get help signing in stage”

Another one of my accounts gets an EV in the MP Tool(API) but isn’t requesting a verification when I view via EB. This occurs after maybe every 3 post/Reel I publish.

At this point I’m just publishing posts with FB creator studio and holding on.

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As i reply on the other topic actually this is my “test” setup:

  • API on master with help of the scrapers (i just removed the OEB)
  • rest at least 2 days (after video verification)
  • re-warm the account (start from 20-30 f/u not togheter)

What i got (only these last weeks, before i get ANY kind of PV or Hard verification check)

  • Captcha and after few days video verification on all the master account (OEB)
  • ANY verification on scrapers account (API)

My setup

4G dongle (no proxy) - 5 scrapers x1 master

Im at the day 4 and the test account works good (on the test account i dont perform the long stop or safe warmup)

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