Jarvee issues- Help please

Hi, I am a long time jarvee user but first time on this forum.

Everything has been fine for a year or so but the last few weeks have been crazy. Lots of issues and now all of my accounts are now slowly dying by captcha.

Ive tried new proxies, different accounts, different warmup and still my accounts are slowly dying. I had 300 and I’m losing at least 5 a day and I’m only doing about 50 follows per account.

What happened recently that has caused this mess? It was fine a few weeks ago. Never had an issue. Ive talked to support and they just give me the usual speech about basic things like proxies and settings. Tried that!

I use EB for everything and switched about 20 to api and they all got phone verification instantly when relogging in.

Can anyone help me?

Are you using mobile proxies? It seems IG have detected a pattern on your accounts.
I would not recommend only running the follow tool on IG accounts, because IG can easily detect that. You should do more random actions like a real IG user, run other tools such as like, unfollow, comment, contact tool with minimum settings. Also, don’t use your accounts on any other device manually outside of your night mode settings.

Yeah using SocialGrowth for 4G, never had an issue with them.

I use random actions in EB and story along side follows. They seems stuck under 30 follows.

The 4G proxies don’t rotate though. Can that be an issue. When you have 5-10 accounts doing the same actions on the same ip. Maybe IG is restricting amounts of actions per ip?

I have been thinking the same thing about proxies but havn’t heard any input on this theory. My provider is adding rotation soon so should know more then.

The more accounts on a single 4G connection, the higher the necessity to rotate (anywhere between 30-90min). We never rotate in the same intervals, it is always a value of a random spread e.g. between 36 and 48min. #AvoidAllPatterns :wink:


Yeah my thoughts exactly. Hopefully I get my proxies to rotate soon

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How many accounts do you suggest people run on your proxies?

We recommend not more than 5-10 at the same “exact” time, but you may use more if you like. You can also run up to 20-40+ accounts easily and safely by operating accounts in shifts and automating with care.
Example with 20 accounts:
-‍- Run 1st set of 5 accounts for 6 hrs, then rest them for 18 hrs
-‍- Run 2nd set of 5 accounts for 6 hrs, then rest them for 18 hrs
-‍- Run 3rd set of 5 accounts for 6 hrs, then rest them for 18 hrs
-‍- Run 4th set of 5 accounts for 6 hrs, then rest them for 18 hrs
-‍- Repeat
BUT, for your paying clients we would recommend one dedicated 4G+ proxy per account.

Note: We are talking about IG accounts here, of course you can add more accounts from different platforms like Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn etc. (Attending & Chief Plan).

We can also recommend running up to 80+ “IG Scrapers” on ONE of our proxies, they should last longer.