Jarvee issues twitter 2023

Hello everyone, this is my first post here. I am doing automation on Twitter in jarvee, but recently there have been a lot of problems in jarvee with respect to Twitter accounts. Is there anyone who has the same problems?
1 Browser for Twitter: In most cases, you do not complete the required actions.
2 Follow-up: When I do not specify any filtering, the accounts follow normally, but when I select only one filter, which is “selection of gender”, after that, only between 5 and 10 follow-up per day work, even though I specify more than 100 follow-up per day. The source of bringing followers is (Follow the followers of a target account and follow the active interactors on the posts).
If there is someone out there who had such issues in jarvee and fixed them, or if someone knows how to fix these problems, please come forward.

Hello Wiliam

whether you can invite me to join Jarvee?