Jarvee Like Exchange Issues

Hey guys!

Having issues with Jarve Like Exchange

My setup is 4 accounts giving likes between 5am and 9pm
they are giving around 5 likes each session and have a limit of around 50 likes per day
they don’t run at the same time during that window of 5am to 9pm.

I have 1 post stuck that is suppose to receive around 105 likes in total in 5 sessions.
Settings are set to run between 5am and 9pm, save after like, view stories after like and automatically delete after 48 hours… so not only I am not receiving any likes “when I do max like 6 likes” but the post doesn’t get deleted after 48 hours…?

Am I doing something wrong here?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Maybe you should contact support and check with the, they will be able to help you faster since you will share more details with them.

i have also a problem with the like exchanger
its set to get about 50 likes
and i only get about 4 likes in more than 2 days

I believe you are referring to a setting to run 48 sessions in the like exchange, not 48 hours

The like exchange can be a bit slow sometimes depending on how many active accounts in the community are involved but it should be able to handle 105 likes over 5 sessions. I usually put mine to 48 sessions and not using the spread option to be sure. I’d recommend getting the premium subscription if you haven’t already and increasing your accounts giving likes to maintain a positive balance

Do you have Like Exchange premium subscription? The Like Exchange tool favors premium users more than users with free license. Check for errors in LE Summary tab, see if your accounts get blocked when they’re trying to give likes.

No no I meant “automatically delete the post after x hours” which is currently at 48

But yeah I don’t use premium maybe that’s my problem… everything seems to be setup right… I even have 12k points “from back when it wasn’t 1:1”

Are the seed accounts able to give likes during the time you want to receive likes on your post? It’s best to get premium LE subscription if you’re still on free license. You will get much better results.

yeah I think that’s what I’ll do because those 5 send accounts are giving 50 likes per day on different times and 5 per session… Should be working technically… I’ll try premium and see if that work, I’ll contact them directly if it doesn’t! Thanks guys!

yes my seed gives likes during the time i try to receive likes
qnd yes someone told me that the premium license works better but i don’t understand why
i also use payment JARVEE and it need to do the work
long time ago i use it same license and its work perfectly

For me the like exchange is also not working properly.

I started using it 2 days ago and have setup 12 accounts to give likes and 5 posts to receive likes. Right now I have delivered 700 likes but received only 20.

I’m on the free version right now because I just got started again and actually I don’t need it permanently. Is really the plan the issue why it’s not working well? I mean if I got a few likes less than I received it’s not a big deal, even if I give double still fine for me. But that is insane.

Now I will pull all of my accounts out of the like exchange. I’m still on the free version, but when I give 2K likes and receive only 20 there must be something wrong. So in my opinion it’s not worth to upgrade to the paid version unless someone can confirm that this issue is just about the license.

did you try asking JA TEAM about it?

It’s about the license. I would suggest you contact support to confirm this. You can also ask them for Like Exchange premium trial, so you can test the tool to see the difference between free and premium license They gave me 3 days free trial when I first started using the LE tool.

It must be less priority going to the free version because the paid version works for me and others. But it might also be worth checking for troubleshooting steps with support just in case you’ve lost connection somehow

I went straight to the licensed version before trying free one as someone advised, and I confirm- it works.
However what’s the point of that tool, if:

  1. I see the same accounts over and over liking posts on different accounts, like the pool is so small or not shuffled.
  2. People complain that someone sends them fake likes and fake profile views, while LE is exactly that. I understand that you should probably build up the like counter and not go ham 10000% growth overnight, but I see the reach dropping even further with setting like growth at 20%. How unnatural is to search for a username to like his post? When I used my engagement group I searched for the post via hashtags so it mimics the natural finding process, not going thraight to the profile…

I agree with @PierreDOlain. Not sure paid works like advertised.
There’s something wrong with the tool when
284653, Given
62997, Received