Jarvee likes groups and how it works

Hi everyone! Looking to get going with the jarvee engagement group service but confused to how it works. Isn’t it dangerous to have clients like so many pics? Do you create substitute accounts to do the liking for these accounts you want to receive the likes?

Thanks for helping!

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you mean the like exchange tool?

and yes if you utilize this tool you need slaves to gain points for your clients photos

You are talking about IG ENGAGEMENT TOOL or like exchange?

The LE Tool is very good in my Opinion. Yes there are some trash Accounts that are liking your pictures but mostly good Quality Accounts with many Followers. I use that very much and the results are really good.

The IG Engagement Tool is not so good unless you have a high number of Accounts with good high Follower Count to like your pictures with that.

I would use the LE Tool for the diversity of Accounts! They are random every time and managed by the Jarvee Guys.

in my experience: Like Exchange = lot of trash liking my customers or my account
Engagement group = Excellent if the account not are trash and have a proxy for each

The like exchange I think! Whatever gets me a ton of likes on my posts haha