Jarvee - Location Targeting


I was wondering if any of you are using geo location targeting in Jarvee as a source of followers and could share your experiences with this method?

From my understanding it can work if you are a local business or try to target clients of competitor ie.

Gym Page (Let’s call it A) - use geo location of Gym B as a source of followers
Local Fashion Shop Page - target accounts which tag themselves in a specific clothing outlet in the area
Local Tour Operator - Target accounts which tag themselves in the local tourism spots or at the entry points to the destination that they operate from (airports, bus stations, train stations, ferry terminals)

Everything would potentially need to be quite time sensitive (maybe target accounts which tag themselves at the specific location within last 3 hours? )

Do I understand this method correctly or am I missing something?


Curious about this too.

Yes, JARVEE does just that. Once you have JARVEE I would highly recommend trying to gain level 2 access so that you can find the more advanced tutorials and guides.


Just curious @Wsiolek and @Lyndon, how is it that you are hearing about JARVEE and this forum in general?

@wortime someone mentioned this forum in a Facebook group and I started reading about JARVEE here and took the free course they have. Going to try and get to level 2 so I can learn more.



I have got Jarvee already and really like it, but I never used any other tool like that so not sure how it compares to them.

I think that I came across it on you tube while searching for methods how to grow my account on Instagram.

The reason that I asked the question is that every single video I have seen about it suggest to use follow followers of target accounts or follow user that interacted with the specific account.

As my account is quite local and I would like my audience to be from where I’m based, I thought that this method of targeting would be quite useful. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything in depth about it so I thought that I will ask here if I understand it correctly.

In terms of forum it just popped in Google I think, I’m really hooked up to it, there is so much knowledge served in very easy to digest way that it’s very hard to find these days. On the top of that no-one treat a newcomers like and idiots and help instead of troll us, so big + :blush:

Hope to be able to get to level 2 at some point and be able to learn even more🤞