Jarvee Login/Verify Problem

Hello guys,
I have a Jarvee issue. I can login to my accounts with EB manually, but always when I click on verify account in Jarvee then I receive the Email Confirmation message. I can go back into EB and solve it and then I’m normally logged in, but when I close the EB and try again to verify it will pop up again. When I try to fix the problem with the email verification loop option, it either works for the moment and then after trying actions the email message comes again or it tells me that it’s not able to verificate and I should try to log in with EB. Maybe it has also something to do with I should log out of the EB? I don’t know.
I tried it with multiple accounts already and different proxies (residential) already. Maybe you know a solution with my settings for Jarvee?

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Proxy is the problem for the loop you are getting! Maybe U should try 4G

Try logging in using a VPN first, and then add the proxy after you get VALID status.


Press “if you have problems with email verification loop in the EB…” and verify through that

Open the account’s Embedded browser > Go to your Profile page > Settings > Login activity, then confirm your login attempt, and log out of all your sessions from there. https://www.instagram.com/session/login_activity/
Close EB, re-enter the username, then click on VERIFY ACCOUNT button.

returns the error “Verification failed, try to verify your account in the EB to see if it works.”

Didn’t work unfortunately