Jarvee multiple images posts..HELP

I am trying to post multiple images to my IG account. I do not want all the images in one post I want each image on one post. I hope that makes since. When I upload 2 images it seems to put them in one post. I have checked all my options and unchecked the box that says to makes multiple images in one album. I thought this would be pretty straight forward but I can’t seem to figure it out if I had to. See my attached screenshot. The 2 images are in 1 post. I just want 1 image per post why is this so hard to me? I guess I’m an idiot…

Screenshot - https://imgur.com/a/ATqvePU

What type of Campaign did you chose?

Just by you asking that question I know where I screwed up. Sorry! Delete this post.

Add one image and press Add to post list then do the same with another image. When you upload them like that they’ll all go to one post.