Jarvee mute functionality

Everytime I make and adjustment to my Jarvee settings I take into consideration if that behaviour will be normal and natural to implement if I were using my account manually from the Instagram mobile app. This method have work well for me, so far.

That said, I have a big doubt deciding if muting all the users I follow could be considered by Instagram as a non-natural behaviour and in consequence, increase the chance of being banned or shadow banned.

The reason to mute, is to avoid my client’s accounts feed to colapse with posts that they may not want to view.

Recently, Jarvee introduced a new standalone tool to control mute users settings. After I follow a user, I can send it to the “Mute Tools -> specific users tools” and set, for example, to mute only 30/50% of all the people i follow.

So, in brief: which of the two approach do you think is better to keep my feed as clean as possible and at the same tiem, my account secured? Mute all or only mute some of them?

I’ve been using mute all and haven’t had any problems. If you use this setting I would suggest setting the timer between each follow to 40-60 seconds. I’ve found out that if it’s lower it doesn’t mute all of the users and keeps following new ones. Also keep in mind, I am not 100% sure, but I think this counts as an action.

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I would say that for the average person working manually with Instagram, muting users is not the natural. People usually like to see the content of the people they follow, thus increment engagement. I don´t usually mute accounts as I don´t want to raise any red flags.


Also in my opinion the Mute is not natural. I’ve never used it in my profiles, it seems to me a behavior that could make Instagram look suspicious.

Who would really put Mute on a person who has just followed?


I reached Jarvee’s support and days after, the add a function to postpone muting followed users from 0-9999 minutes. it helps, but it would be even better to set a random delay for every user.