Jarvee needs better support

Sometimes they can be good, but a lot of the time they take a very long time to respond.

I pay my subscriptions via BTC so this cannot be reoccurring. I also do a lot more than the standard 150 account plan. So, I need a custom payment link.

So, I message asking them to send me it. 4 hours later I get a reply saying they will send it to payments staff. Now since then its been 3 hours and no response.

For a company that earns a lot of money it doesn’t have a good response rate and I’ve encountered this many times.

My server provider has a 24 hr chat and they can fix any issues in 20min. They are a very small company compared to Jarvee. Yet top notch support.

Anyway. This rant is mainly just to let off steam, but also I hope someone see’s it and adds more staff to the support system.

I literally want to give you guys money! Such a simple task.

Anyway. Rant over.

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Your frustration is understood, I guess that the main reason for the delay is the amount of traffic they get per day but anyway I hope your issue will be fixed soon.

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