Jarvee New Feature Ideas 💡


Hey guys,

I wanted to create a space here where we can share new ideas for updates for Jarvee.

I sent one to them yesterday of setting up a Follow Exchange similar to the Like Exchange where you have some accounts that give follows and others that receive followers. I think this would be a great way to give a boost to clients where brand exposure and perceived social proof is more of the goal than specific targeting. The support team wrote me back saying that they implement those that are requested by most users.

Curious what your thoughts are on this? Do you have any other ideas we all could support each other in recommending to Jarvee as well?


Wouldn’t it be super easy for ig to track the accounts used for following only? I read about something similar when reading about their machine learning and it spoke about using a web like diagram to find those accounts and ban them as they weren’t authentic ig users and violated tos


Does Jarvee maybe have their own forum or something where they would see these requests?


Been looking and haven’t found one that’s why a lot of users are here


Repost and post IGTV videos. Maybe it’s already available and I’ve just missed it in the settings but the more I see these on feed and in explorer I’d like to automate it


Hy i made a painting. Dont know if its the right place to post as it is not really a new feature. But it would help me a lot if the increase value would not just increase the maxfollow value but also the minimum follow value. As i got the feeling some jarvee guys are also reading this forum :slight_smile: maybe you could make it an option.


that’s a great idea!


Would be nice to have the User/Source scraper to be able set different ways it scrapes. Would be nice to be able to fine tune what users it extracts.


I know In videos when you scrape them and repost there an option to change the md5hash but it would be really dope if you could automatically change the md5hash for pictures in the repost tool so you don’t have to use a program to download images and then change the metadata in bulk


this would be amazing


I’m suggesting in the story viewer tool for the ability to “swipe up” if a story has a call to action. I suspect this would be a way to make the account more natural when viewing a story.


Many people have had huge problem creating accounts since ig changed something since 3 weeks ago. I always created account in mp by adding profile then just open browser and create it that way, but for the last 3 weeks it dont work even tho i have 4g mobile proxies.

Would be awesome if you guys could fix so you create accounts like normal again.