Jarvee newb here with a few questions. (VPN, Scheduling posts, etc)

I am a total Jarvee newb and I have done a little bit of research but I did need some major help.

  1. I have 5 IG accounts that I have had probably for a few years and I just started automating them. I am not using a proxy or VPN…is there a difference? Do I need a VPN / proxy for each account? Do I just google for a company that provides this service?

  2. Every time I try to schedule mass posts on Jarvee like 5-10 images it seems to want to put them in one big post. I even have a “post in album” feature turned off. I would like to post a bunch of images over a period of time of course with different captions, etc.

  3. Is there a site that provides large “image dumps” or large files with a lot of images I can download or just get the URLs to all the images?

  4. Is most everyone on here selling their IG accounts after they get a large # of followers? I would love to get into digital marketing, social media management, etc. I have web design experience, social media management experience, built a few groups on Facebook to have 10k+ followers but still not making any money? How do I do this full time?

It’s not good to start something without knowing how to monetize them.
For your instagram use a mobile proxy, you can test some from the public marketplace.

It is possible to put all of these on your home wifi without a proxy. However, since you’re new to this I would suggest automating one first and slowly add the others (or add all of them on separate proxies). There will be a lot of problems you will discover when you eventually begin…

You can post X times every X days if you choose “Standard Campaigns”

There’s tons of websites that have “commercial free” photos. Search that and you should find it.

The people on this forum are making money from growth services, selling accounts, proxies, etc.

Since you’re starting out, I really suggest automating 1 account first (follow/unfolllow, like, story view, etc) and worry and worry about #2-4 later.

To your question 1:
You should 100% get proxies for your accounts. You can run 1-2 with your own wifi but I wouldn’t do it for more. I’ve gotten IP blocked before (means all the accounts connected to your IP are blocked from doing actions for a period of time).

Selling accounts is not the most profitable way of making profit from IG. Many people do affiliate marketing, shoutouts or sell their own stuff.
I think selling your own stuff is the best way of making money, it can be e-books, fashion products etc.

I seem to not have any of those features in my Javee. I don’t have monitor folder on any of the tabs in Jaree.???

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