Jarvee - No more results found for source users than interacted with target accounts

Since I started with jarvee I couldn’t get this option to work - no matter how many sources I put under this setting, I’m getting an instant message “no sources found” i’ve tried without any filters, likers, commenters… nothing works… Also, I’ve tried it on my main account that work only with EB and on the scrapers that are using API for actions…
Can anyone enlighten me about what i’m doing wrong? Seems like a super useful feature for finding engaging follow profiles that I cannot use…
Thanx in advance.

  • Check if your scrapers get API Scrape Blocks (Social Profiles tab > select your scrapers > Actions on Selected Profiles > Export API Scrape blocks).
  • The proxies on the scrapers must show valid status in Proxy Manager
  • Do you have ‘scrape with the EB where possible’ option checked on Advanced profile settings on your scrapers and on your main account?

the no more results could be caused because you have the use only EB option checked on the account that uses that source and you don’t have any other valid account that can use the API for scraping.
is that so? do you have use EB on the main account? can you share screenshots of your settings?

Thanx for your reply.
No scrape blocks here… I have a total of 80 scrapers for 7 main accounts.
They all show valid status in proxy manager and in social tabs
Yes, I do have scrape with EB where possible both on scrapers and on main accounts.

That’s true, I’m using EB only for main accounts but have more than 10 scrapers for each main, so this should not be a problem.
Just to mention - I’ve also tried to scrape using the follow tool and ‘send to extracted users’ with the scraper using API and still got no sources found,.

Are you sure that your proxies are fine? What URL do you use in the proxy manager to verify the proxies?

You can share your settings here with us, maybe you are using some strict filter.

I had this problem when I found out my proxies were dying. Replaced them and things were fine again.

Also a slow vps/computer can also cause this issue

I’ve had this issue before when my proxies had abrupt down time.

I’m using bing.com to check proxies and they are all fine

I’m trying with 3 different proxy providers and have a total of 85 scrapers with different proxies, so i guess the problem is not proxies

what is abrupt down time?

Hey Ossi! A question, why does he needs scrapers if he has checked that option :" scrape using EB when possible"?


If you are using proxies for Instagram, you need to use Instagram URL there to check proxies. Use this URL http://instagram.com/ and then click on verify all proxies on the bottom of the Proxy Manager section and then see what you will get.

Just tried it with instagram.com… still all come out valid.

@Guy_ZapPa If you are still having an issue, please send an email to Jarvee customer support and we will help you figure it out.