Jarvee not following - Invalid sources

Hi guys!

I keep getting an error on one of my accounts saying that the sources are invalid/no more accounts to follow. It was working smooth until today. And I know the error message is not true as I have pretty big sources (1m+ in total) and I have only followed about 2k people from the list. And my conditions are not so high that only 2k people fit the criteria from the list of accounts.

I have also tried changing the sources and even set it to follow people who engaged with posts on target accounts, to no avail.

Can someone please help?
Thank you! :slight_smile:

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You can try to clear your sources and re-add them. Sometimes this helps. If not contact the support.

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You can try to turn off and turn on the option

Try to clear errors/notifications. Re-add your sources. Log in and out of the EB if using that.

That doesnt work either. I will send support a msg regarding this. Do they reply quickly?

Nope. Doesnt work :tired_face:

I only have it set to use EB when action blocked. Do I switch that off?

@MojoJojo are software names in titles permitted?

Try that, and also try to sign in and out of your account.

Is it not? :thinking: I just joined today so didnt really know. Will change it if its not allowed sorry

Will do. Thnx!

I had that before also. But maybe you just over used your sources dude? Why dont you try adding more sources and see if the error message persists.

What fixed the issue for you?

Not sure if I can agree with you regarding over using since the total size of the all the sources is 1m+ and it hasnt even followed 3k from that yet. And I did try adding new sources aswell but got the same result.

And btw, it looks like its running again now. I didnt do anything and it got fixed on its own after 5 or 6 hours so would like to know what worked for you so I can try it in future @Rostislav_Alexandrov

When i was talking about over using, i meant if you would follow accounts with 20K followers or something. I dont follow huge accounts because its filled with fake comments and a lot of crap. 20K -200k accounts have more organic engagement to my eyes and people are more focused on growing them by responding to most relevant comments and you have more chance that this account will follow you back. Go for rising stars, not giants.
And regarding your question, what helped is just letting Jarvee do its thing for a few hours. IG is full of bugs, Jarvee is not the most stable platform either. It will have its own problems too. Millions of people use it at the same time, its normal that some things dont work as they should sometimes.

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Ah fair enough. And thank you about the rising stars tip :smiley:

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my pleasure !

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I’m having this same issue. Did anyone find a quick fix? If not I’ll contact support

I believe if you have the option “ONLY USE THE EMBEDDED BROWSER” enabled then your account will not be able to scrape users…I may be mistaken, but this is what I have noticed - a solution to this is to either:

a) don’t enable that option
b) use other accounts to scrape users for you - there are other posts on the forum discussing how to do this.

I hope this helps someone! :slight_smile:

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