Jarvee Not Posting Multiple Images

Hey guys I have been trying to automate posts with Jarvee, I am able to post single image, but when I select 2 images for a post it just keeps saying post in progress and nothing happens.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.


Have you probably enabled “post using the embedded browser” on that account?

Uploading a carousel doesn’t work with the embedded browser, had that a couple of days ago before I realized that xD

No its disabled, I have not ticked it.

Do you have this option checked on the campaign advanced settings?

It will be great if you can share a screenshot from your campaign > ADVANCED SETTINGS > Instagram tab. Or you can contact the Jarvee support.

Do you have “USE ONLY EMBEDDED BROWSER” checked? If you have that option checked, posting albums/videos won’t work. But if you have “use only embedded browse to post” option checked, it will work because jarvee will automatically use api to post. Only posts with 1 image will be published successfully using the EB.

Is Jarvee still working in 2021?

Yes, it is working. Have you used Jarvee before?

you either have use EB checked or you have an issue with those images, can you share a screenshot from the campaign history tab and check if there are any error on the dashboard.

Hey guys, I have USE ONLY EMBEDDED BROWSER(do not use api) enabled. I will try to disable it and try again.

Yeah, of course :smiley:

you will be able to post multiple images after removing that option because you cannot post albums when having EB checked

Do you think using API to post carousels puts account at risk?

No, it will depend on the content you are posting. Make sure that you don’t post the same thing over and over again. Also the following:

You are using the same caption or a part of it over and over again.

  • If your caption has some spam words as Free … etc

  • If you are using the same hashtags over and over again.

  • If it doesn’t like the proxy you are using.

  • If you are tagging the same user or tagging users in all your posts.

well, when having scrapers you will be perfectly safe becasue they will be doing API calls instead of the main account.

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No, it’s safe as long as you don’t post too many times per day. So, just post like a normal IG user, and your account will be fine.

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Could be an internal bug - have you tested your connection?

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