Jarvee Not Starting At The Scheduled Operation Time - Skips To Next Operation Time

So I have noticed something that happens with my accounts on Jarvee and I cant figure out whats causing it besides it just being a bug. Its been happening for months. So what happens is lets say the account shows its scheduled to start following at 10:00 AM and I have a wait time between operations set at 20-30 mins, it will get to 10AM and the account will not start following it will just skip to the next operation time 20-30 minutes later and show on the tool “Next Run 10:20am etc. etc.”

So it just skips to the next operation without even starting. No scraping starts, no errors, or anything. Sometimes it wont even run on the second time either. If I turn the follow tool on and off it will start. This happens randomly and doesnt seem to have any correlation with anything. This leads to accounts not reaching daily limits cause they arnt running when they are supposed to.

I am not too sure about this part but I believe this only happens account using EB only. On API it seems like not an issue from the testing ive done.

Has anyone else noticed this issue and know how to fix it?

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Are you sure that you’ve got your estimators on 30-40% higher numbers than actually the limits that you are trying to hit?

skipping to the next operation is usually due to something in the settings or sources, and you should find some errors/notifications on the dash related to that, if the issue persists send screenshots of your settings/sources and dash stuff to JV support and see how it goes.

Do you set hourly limit in Follow tool settings tab?

@Jaha I dont have the estimations higher, but when everything runs smoothly and correctly accounts hit their limits

@Luca I dont see any errors or anything, the account doesnt even start. No “search in progress” or anything. Right when the time hits that its supposed to start it goes to next operation using the skip time. It happens randomly on random accounts. It can happen one day and not the next. Nothing seems constant about it, its very weird.

@Ossi No hourly limits just daily limits

a Teamviewer session from Jarvee support would solve your issue just contact them and see how it goes

hey , facing the same issue these days, any solutions or the origin of the issue find ?

This needs to be looked into