Jarvee not syncing follow ratio huge ERROR

i have an issue with the follow ratio it’s not syncing and I tried everything.
The weird thing here is Likes works fine only issue with Follow
But 0 on all my follow sources ?
i tried:
login from api (not fixing)
login from EB (not fixing)
I deleted my sources to put them in again (still not fixing)
i deleted jarvee to reinstall (not fixing)
I contacted support but they don’t really help me on this on I have tried for like a week now.

i dont wanna loose my data and start from new because then Jarvee will follow the same sources all over again what can fix this situation ? thanks for the answer guys.

We fixed the issue. The fix will be part of the next update:

- Instagram Follow Tool - Fixed issue with follow back ratio not being updated when using Follow Followers of target accounts source


When you release update?

Whens this fixed . Its been broken for 2 weeks basically

We will release a patch tomorrow with the fix. This has been indeed broken since 2 weeks ago but we found out about this just one week ago hence why the fix was not included in the last update.

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Thanks man! Appreciated

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