Jarvee only work if the embedded browser is on?

Hey guys, I have been using jarvee for a while but I feel there are still a lot to learn for me to fully make use of it. A simple one is the fact that it only works when my embedded browser is connected to internet. Is there a way to run it on the background without my computer is on or being connected to internet? Because I know other paid applications work that way.


Ofcourse its need to be opened and run through the internet. Thats the use of VPS so that you can run the software for 24 hrs without even using your own computer. Just buy a VPS to run it.


To build off of what @HeyDhack said…

With any sort of automation software, it has to be running 24/7 on your computer, and connected to the internet. This means that if your computer shuts off, or your connection to the wifi is interrupted for any reason, then it will stop performing any tasks.

In the beginning of my journey, I used my personal PC, and left it on 24/7, connected to the charger and wifi. This was a TERRIBLE IDEA, as it destroyed my laptop’s battery, used lots of electricity, and I missed lots of tasks because the computer would restart for update, freeze/crash, and my wifi wasn’t very reliable (especially as I was traveling at the time).

I would go so far as to say that the ONLY WAY to actually use Jarvee is through a VPS (Here’s some info on a VPS if you don’t know what this is.).

You pay $X a month through a VPS hosting service, and then you use a Remote Viewer App (I use Microsoft Remote Desktop) to access it through your own computer. You can even access it through your phone if you download the Microsoft Remote Desktop App.

If you have any more questions about your VPS, feel free to ask me here! Good luck! :+1:t3:


wow! thanks a lot for this info. Cheers!

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Of course! Glad to help out. :+1:t3:

I am glad found this chat. However, there is something that is not clear for me.
I am in Japan at the moment without regular access to internet.
With the VPS do you still need to be connected to internet?

Thanks you

Hey Guillaume!

You need an active internet connection to connect to a remote location. You can install Microsoft Remote Desktop on your phone and use WiFi hotspots to access the vps. This app works like a charm, but there are several others out there I haven’t tried yet, so I can’t tell you about those, maybe someone else on here can.

I’d still recommend to use a normal desktop/laptop computer to access a vps, but when you’re in a pickle like you’re in right now, this is a viable solution!



Hi MrFane,

Thank you for your reply.
Unfortunately I cannot use all my mobile data for that.

I will Have to find an alternative. Any suggestion?

Thank you

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is always connected to the internet, the interent it is connected to is provided by the datacenter/hosting company.

You can be in a remote area without internet and your VPS will still be working because it is a remote computer.

To connect to your VPS you will need Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) access, with RDP you can connect to your server using mobile/computer and make changes to the software you have installed on it.


Ilello Thank you for your reply.

My problem is that I am travelling. I am in Japan at the moment I go to the starbucks to use internet. So I don’t think I can do anything with Jarvee now.

I dont think you understand Guillaume. Let me try to clarify:

You can pay for a computer to be ON for you without carrying it with you.
It is ran by another business who owns them.
That’s where we are recommending you to install Jarvee.

When you are at Starbucks, you can access that “open computer” through your phone.
When you leave starbucks, the computer you are paying for stays on.

As long as you pay that company (usually you pay monthly), that computer will run for you.
And you can check in through your mobile data once in a while too.

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Thanks for clarifying I understand that the virtual computer stays on but still need to be connected to internet to work.
Where do you get that internet connection?


You don’t need to have internet for the VPS to be turned on. The VPS is independent to your own internet connection, You only need internet to access the server. Once it is fully setup you do not need to access the VPS (unless you want to check things or w/e).




Awesome. Thanks

I don’t know anything else. If you want to grow internet-based things, the one and only thing you need is an internet connection. You can’t live without it.

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Me too i know exactly the problem, 24h/7day, now i have a VPS, i suggest a use a Vps respect the requirment of Jarvee Install, if is cheap, is slow, and you would like to take the computer and throw it out the window :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response