Jarvee or followerliker

Hey guys I’m looking for something to help my my Instagram account grow with automation I have been reading a lot of these forums and loads of people are saying jarvee I hear that’s the top dog one problem I’m using Mac OS X and iPhone 11 pro is there any way of using jarvee on these? Without it being too complicated or another one I stumbled across was followliker Wich actually runs on Mac but not sure how good that is for Mac? Any others I should know about ? I don’t want to instal Windows on my
Mac either that’s not an option for me.

Jarvee + VPS or a virtual machine.

Any suggestions on the best vps for iPhone?

use Parallels Desktop or BootCamp for Mac

Is that so windows can run?

yes, better install full Windows through BootCamp!

How many account do you want to run ? Digital Ocean or Vultr might help

Only 1 or 2 account it’s for my
Personal account :slight_smile:

I advice you to manually grow your accounts on phone, too much risk with JV fon personal account for me. You can manage 1/2 account on your phone

Using what tho? Or do you mean growing them organically with the follow in follow technique?

Follow unfollow manually inside the instagram app

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How many do you reccomend to follow and unfollow daily?

start low, 80 F 80 U and with the days you can increase to 190 F 190 U

Get a VPS or as mentioned above Virtual machine.

You can’t compare FL. & JV.

In every aspect jv is superior.
Been/am a user of both.


This is todays results!

what type proxy? help us with settings man