Jarvee plus logging in from abroad

Hi guys,

I have one account which is hooked up to Jarvee on my pc at home plus I’m logging to the same account from my mobile through Instagram app. When I’m doing that, I’m either on the same WiFi as Jarvee or on 4G. Jarvee is on f/u plus a few likes a day (around 150-200).

I’m going abroad for a couple of days and was wondering if it is safe to log in from the same mobile phone and post photos and engage while Jarvee is doing his thing at home. As it is still in EU, I can use my mobile tariff and don’t need to connect to any local WiFi spots.



This is quite normal to have jarvee operating in a different country from you.
I do it without issue.


Would it be OK if I still post from my mobile in the same time?

While normally you shouldn’t run into any issues, you can sometimes. That’s why they don’t recommend using it and your phone at the same time. Even better would be to use a campaign and use “monitor folder” and either send via Dropbox or schedule posts ahead of time

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Thanks, I will stay away from logging into the account just to stay on the safe side

Usually it only leads to a phone verification or email verification.

You should be able to access your laptop remotely and just upload that way as well. I would just schedule a campaign


I am back so thought that will write a line about my experience with this issue just in case someone else is/will be in the same situation.

So I took two mobile phones with me (one with Instagram account which wasn’t following the main account at all, the second one with the account in question which is always logged in o the main account).

The first phone was there just as a backup so I could spy on my main account if I wasn’t able to log in from the main phone or whatever (I am nosy, I spy on myself).

The main phone was always on my UK tariff (when you are in another EU country, you can still use your own data allowance without being charged additionally for this) and never connected to any local WIFI and I was able to check my Instagram account without any problem.

I did it a few times when my phone was connected to different local mobile networks (it was jumping in between of them quite frequently in the areas with average cover) and I didn’t run into any issues.

Just to stay on the safe side, I did not post, comment or follow anyone, but I muted a few profiles and reply to messages. I meant to stay away from logging at all, but got a few messages through Insta and couldn’t stop myself from reading and replying.

Half the way through my holidays it occurs to me that I could just install something like Team Viewer on my pc and use this to access Jarvee, but that’s for the next time.

Thanks @Avo and @wortime for your input.

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that anxiety would freaking kill me haha jumping jumping all the while worrying if you maybe set off a flag in IG, oh man!

I just installed microsoft rdp and set up port forwarding on my router, it wasn’t too crazy for someone whos never messed with this kind of stuff. Love google :kissing_heart:

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I am speculating here, but it was probably due to only one account being run from one device.

I can’t say I wasn’t a little anxious with this, but just in case i refrain from doing any proper actions.

I never used this one before, but will do my research before the next trip abroad.

Thanks for suggestion!

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