Jarvee posting campaigns

so i’v started a posting campaign for 3IG accounts using jarvee ,
jarvee tells me that all the posts i scheduled has been successfully posted but nthing appears in the profiles .
plase some help

What proxies are you using?
How are you posting? Are you using a campaign?


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i’m usng private proxy from myprivateproxy.net
and i’m posting using a campaign .

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Idk, I’d do a Whois on the IPs, trace route to them and see where they land. Others on the forum will have to verify if this company legit place to get proxies or if it’s a bad source.

I’ve read a few things on here lately where people have had issues with campaigns and repost but usually it comes back to the proxies.

Sorry that I don’t have a ton of knowledge on it but someone else will drop some detailed information for you

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Nowadays if you use datacenter proxies going to have an issue.

With 3 accounts, I assume your using JARVEE at home. Take one of the accounts off a proxy and try it with your home IP. Some people say you’ve gotta post video. I’m not having the issue so I really can’t say, but the easiest way is to take it off proxy and try it that way. 3 accounts on one IP is better than 3 accounts on data center IPs

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Yeah, that seems to work as a fix. Just post for a while as video and then after a bit try posting as images and it should work.


If it’s not proxy related (although that seems to be the cause more often than not) I wonder why posting video does the trick? Maybe their Ai joined skynet and the machine revolt is upon us?

apparently i have a problem with sending DM’s too , it looks like the actions made by jarvee does not take a place , the dm’s problem i’m having is on 5 accounts running on my home ip address .

is there a proxy provider that you recommend ?

Above you said you have 3 and use proxies, but here you say 5 and on your home IP?

Do you mean that they are on your PC and use proxies?

Or do you mean that 5 of the IGs don’t use proxies at all?

Yes, but let’s figure some stuff out first. Just getting new proxies might not be what you need.

i’m running 8 accounts currently , 5 on my home ip , 3 on a proxy .


Thanks for clarifying.

It’s a long shot, but you could have flagged your home IP.

Easiest way to test is to stop all actions on all accounts, force your router to get a new IP if you can. Better yet would be to tether your PC to your phone and use mobile data. Try posting photos again.

Didn’t work? Using a TEST account, reset the device ID and use mobile data to try to post photos again.

If anything related to changing the IP and resetting the device ID works, then you’ve flagged your home IP/“device”. Naturally, most datacenter proxies are flagged from everyone using them.

So if a new IP and or resetting the device ID work, you can easily find some mobile proxies from the forum.

If you try this and it doesn’t work, I would contact JARVEE support.

But the issue with posting appears to be more of an IG bug that they won’t fix until enough IG users complain.


I have been wondering this as well. Somehow IG knows when using Jarvee posting feature as I have accounts I have never used Jarvee posting only EB and no issues, and accounts that were on same proxy source that got banned 14 to to be exact. The only difference between the banned accounts and non banned were the disabled used Jarvee posting.