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I have 10 IG accounts in Jarvee. 8 account work on one mobile proxy, 1 in diffrent proxy, 1 in my local IP. I have the same follow settings in all accounts.

This is my result follow to my all accounts:


First 8 account work on one mobile proxy, 9 account on different proxy and the last account work on my local IP.

As you can see, there is a problem because there are big differences in follow. One account have only 44 follow and another account have 275 (this is the right amount).

I’ve often noticed that the program during follow issues a message “search in progress”. It seems to me that this may be a problem why this number of follow is so small.

Sometimes I have a problem with follow block, yesterday one of the accounts could not follow for 6 hours.
My campaign has settings of 500 follow a day, so the result should be around 375 follow and it was around only 150 follow.

Can anyone help me ?

The magic answer is 1 account - 1 Proxy.

Also if the search takes a lot it means that either the filters are too tight or the sources are bad. -> Going back to the proxies they do have a limited bandwidth and this affects the scrapping as well, resulting in wasted time during the scrape that leads to those numbers.


The “magic” answer to you. I am using a RAW-MOBILE proxy from HenryCooper. A lot of users used 1 proxy to 10-15 accounts and do not have a problem.

The follow settings I have from - dma0245

To be fair there is a slight difference between, being able to, and what you should do. :slight_smile:
Follow settings are one thing, sources are another thing.


Thank you for answer @Bingo

What can you suggest for me to everything will be work good ?

Do some tests, try out the proxy with a smaller number of accounts, if 9 accounts aren’t working smoothly try it with 3,4, 5 etc ( Henry proxies are good quality i can guarantee for that since i use them too )
Check your sources, maybe they are dried out making it hard for jarvee to scrape enough users to do it’s thing.( double check your filters as well ) -> this might be the main reason

The main idea is experiment a bit find the soft spot :slight_smile:


I have never had a follow block would up your seconds between each follow to min 60 and max 80/90 and lower you’re follow between to 5 to 10. You will need to play with the rest but no more than 25 to 30 actions max per hour. If you are still getting follow blocks slow it way down to 50f/d for week and try again.


Thank you so much @Bingo and @intadog for advice.

I am surprised by one thing. Some people can use 10-15 accounts for one proxy and have 750 F / 750 UF results and I use 8 accounts I had average 100 F only.

I also used 1 proxy on 5 accounts, but I also had problems with proxy. Before I used the Quality Proxy, so I could easily follow about 500 users a day without any problem, but I could not post.

I used Jarvee once, but I did not have such problems with proxy. It was much easier. I thought that feedback from the forum would help. Unfortunately, it did not help.

It can depend on various factors such as proxy speed, filters setup in Jarvee (the more the slower), advanced settings and your sources as to how many f/hr you will get. I have a few really slow mobile proxies that easily get 400 f/day (I run conservative and use night mode) with 6 accounts on them, I tried more but started to get problems.

Have found that 1 mobile proxy per 1 account is the best reduces almost all the issues this is what I am doing going forward.


You see, the problem is more complex. I do not know what to call it, but I think I have a bad luck.

As I wrote earlier, I’ve already used two types of proxy. Each of them had some defect.

I have already spent a lot of money trying to find out which ones did not bring a cent, so I decided to open the thread, maybe someone will give some suggestion.

I do not know if I have the courage to once again spend, for example, $ 4 on one proxy and I have 10 accounts, so I will spend $ 40, and I do not know how they will work. I would prefer to use a cheaper proxy and less, and when I achieve the intended effect then I scale the business.

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The same person you’re getting the $4 proxy (if the same person) has $20 proxies as well, that is the cheapest I have seen personally. Some of the best and fastest proxies I have used were $70 per proxy and easily handled ten accounts. Cheap and quality usually do not go hand in hand.

I was using some residential proxies that were not expensive and some worked and some gave problems like getting my accounts banned for posting via Jarvee so won’t recommend.


im having the same issue how to fix it ?
im running only 1 account do i need a proxy ?
im new to this app im so confused

sorry buddy I dont mean to come across as rude, but you should read through this forum, spend 20+ hours of reading and then you will have an answer.

your question is so poorly constructed that I am confident that you havent even scrolled though the forum.

Reading & patience is key, and yes you definitely need a proxy and far lower settings.


That’s why I’m here to educate myself and learn from others… that’s another way of learning bro…
Why do we have teachers on our schools and colleges if students can just go buy the books and educate themselves:)

There are so many variables to your answer, we need more information to really answer that.

In general, if you only run one account, you can stick to your home IP which would be safe. That is only if it’s your own though. If it’s a client account who is simultanously logged in with his phone, you should definitely get a good high quality proxy. You can find information on proxies on the forum. General rule is 1 proxy per 1 account. That should be fine.

For the rest, there really is no shortcut than going through all the threads, soaking up the knowledge and implementing it. We all were confused when we started automating with software. You simply have to put in the time to learn :wink:

You should try 1 proxy for 1 acc, and different settings

split the actions so that not all acc are doing actions at the same time

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