Jarvee Proxies, Need Explanation

Just started using Jarvee, i connected 2 profiles without having proxies and now i have them do i just add them trough proxy manager or what?

If you have the proxies just add them in proxy manager hit the drop down and add the account.

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What he said. Should look like this, the Social Profiles dropdown will display all available accounts that have not been assigned to a proxy. Click the add button once the account name is highlighted in the dropdown.

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Im new to jarvee so i legit think every thing i touch without research will result in profile bans, even tho i was automating with cracked software and no proxies until a week ago :sob:

what do i type in the IP:PORT?

mobileproxy.network and thats all?

The proxy IP, port, username and password - you have to buy proxies first, and the provider will give you that information to fill in for use anywhere where proxies are usable.

Depends on the provider, everyone seems to use different ports in my experience.

Could be proxyprovider.com:1000 or whatever they give you

ok im dumb, they gave them to me in that form, with the ports. So what do i type in the username/pass fields, could that be the site login from the site where i purchased them?

ok i managed to get everything to say valid thanks to you guys,

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When you are very new to Jarvee, this can help you out a lot:

This guide was written by @Avo the credits go to him

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You can use accounts without proxies on Jarvee. Up to 5 if you want to play it safe. You can use more than that and be fine it just depends on your accounts etc.