Jarvee + Proxies, what do you recommend?

Which proxy you can recommend me and how many accounts per proxy on Jarvee?
I bought from High proxies but I god banned to my accounts so now I’m buying 3 more aged accounts from 2015-2016 but I need good proxy for them, I also heard that 4g proxies are good and can be used for max 5 account, where I can get them?

Also, do you recommend warming aged accounts for 2-3 weeks or 1 week is enough?

Thank you for your time guys

If you are talking about Instagram, then the best proxies for that social platform would be 4G Mobile proxies. I had a lots of different issues with proxies before I started using them.

Also, the safest way would be running one account per proxy but I’ve heard that some people are running 2 accounts per proxy without problems. It’s best that you google different proxy providers, ask them to test their proxies, test proxies from 2-3 proxy providers, and then choose the ones that are working for you the best.

Hope this helps mate, cheers

I’m actually talking about Facebook accounts, I want to post in groups.

Thank you for your answer bud

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I use one proxy per account…I use data center proxies

I heard that data center proxies are kinda shared, no?

I would go with 4G proxies to avoid any future headaches. And yes max 5 accounts, but I wouldn’t even suggest having that many.

Would you mind telling me which from your buying them?

And so 3 Facebook accounts warm and after post will be enough 1 4g proxy?

4G Proxies rotate on a set period of time - a few requests to a few minutes.

You can manage multiple accounts through the same 4G Mobile proxy, but set them to be active at different times, in this way, their exit IP will be different each time the accounts are active.

Where can I buy those kind of Proxies ?

Check the Public Marketplace: https://mpsocial.com/c/public-marketplace/61