Jarvee Quality picture post

Do you have also some quality issue when you post by jarvee?
Even if I choose a HQ picture (edited and optimized in Photoshop) once it’s post by jarvee, I can notice some noise, not a big disaster but enough to see the difference.

anything to check on jarvee to avoid this kind of compression (it’s what i guess)?

Are you posting through campaign? Do you have make images Unique checked? If you do, you can uncheck it. Do this only if those are your images (edited in photoshop)

Are you using embedded browser to post? When you use EB to post, the image quality is slightly worse than when you use API.

I would make sure this option and Use only EB in the account’s advanced settings are unchecked before posting.

@Adnan Not sure what you meant by Unique check but some images are original but most of them are repost too. I use campaign to post

@ossi yes I use only EB on main account. thanks for pointing that, I will check around that

You’re welcome. Adnan is referring to this option in Campaign Overview tab:

ah ok, nope it’s uncheck :slight_smile:

What about this in Repost settings? Is it set to Small?


yes it was small (per default), but looks better now.
I managed to post directly on square format 1080x1080, seems ok :slight_smile: