Jarvee question regarding reposts

I have recently been looking at the repost tool and I want to use it better. I was wondering I repost from accounts that have blocked the account from following/viewing their account?

Hum, didn’t understood your question that much.

Are you asking if Jarvee can repost, from an account you’ve been blocked on ?

Yes sorry that is correct

Hum, I don’t think so. Jarvee will not be able to bypass that block

The best, I think, is to plug in a second account, and use the repost tool to send to a campaign, which will post on your Main account !

Is there a gudie anywhere on how to do that? I’ve tried sending it to draft but nothing appears on my account

Any have any idea how I can do this?

you could also just download the posts with something like vurku and after changing the hash and renaming them put them in a watched folder for the campaign tool. Repost gives me allways more problems than campaign.

I was thinking of doing something similar but I need the same captions

Is reposting too much / from the same account putting our account at risk?
Would be what a slave will do obviously.