Jarvee Question (Start Account After One Stop)

How can I run 3 proxy on one account and set one account to auto start once one is finished completing all their actions. I don’t want all 3 to be completing actions at once.

I am not sure that what you are requesting is supported by Jarvee.

But you can set the accounts to execute actions in different hours, set the times to allow you target action count to be achieved.

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Are you talking about nightmode?

Nightmode stops all actions for a profile, you can also set timers for each tool individually, it depands on what you want to achieve

I want 3 accounts on one proxy, all running actions at different times.

The answer @ido gave you achieves just that. I’d suggest taking another look at it.

You should use night mode and run:

Profile A from 00 to 7:50
Profile B from 8 to 15:50
Profile C from 16 to 23:30

Let me know :slight_smile:

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Sure, this is the only way to do it…