Jarvee repost problem

Hello, guys. Do you got this problem in Jarvee Repost Tool:
So, sometimes it doesn’t post any caption even if in the “Result tab” the caption appears that It will be posted.
And sometimes, it doesn’t post at all, even in the results appear that it did it. Jarve support says to click on the “Post Image as video” but it get posted but still with no caption
Do you guys have any solution for this ?

What kind of proxies are you using?

I’m not sure. I thank that they are IPv4. It’s not about the proxies because some accounts post really well from the same proxies provider and on the same Vps

Are the accounts struggling to post from a different provider than the accounts not struggling to post? Do the accounts struggling to post perform more/different actions than the accounts not struggling to post? There must be some differences.

The accounts that are struggling I just started on them. The others are a bit older at me as some of them have 50k, some 10k
But I haven’t got this problem on them when I started even if they are from the same seller and also, on the same proxies
And the number of actions are higher on the accounts that are not struggling to post because these where It struggles, I still warm them

thats doesnt say anything. not all proxies, even from same supplier, are the same. ig can block one and not the others

Yes, I know that but all accounts were on different proxies :slight_smile:
And I do not know if 20 proxies from the same provider could be all blocked.

why not?

ig can block 100% of your proxies, your accounts or any fingerprint.

this issue is 99,9999% a proxy issue

Good then. Do you have any good recommendation for proxies ?

Build your own…?

I don’t really know how :))

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