Jarvee Repost Settings

Hey Guys, I am reposting from another Instagram Account to my Main Accounts and I was wondering what the best Settings are for Reposting. Is it possible to Repost in the Warmup Stage (when you only view story until Day 8). How many Pictures a day are fine? Any good recommended Settings?

Every Answer is highly appreciated :pray: Have a nice one guys!


Get the “Day 8” out of your mind, you shouldn’t be doing everything the same across all your accounts. Increase the randomization (day 5 to 10 instead).

What’s exactly your plans ? Depending on the process, 1 per week can be fine. Or, 3 per day might be needed…

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Thank you for the reply @denis1.

I am planing to warm up my mains and upload up to 9 pictures in the process. So 2-3 Pictures a day would be perfect. I am not sure how to use the Repost settings to stay under the radar.

Where do I set the randomization days? At the follow tools? Should I just add it to my Warm Up Settings Account and Copy it to all my mains?

I definitely not recommend automating your main accounts. They are too important to be automated, as they have to survive over the months / years.

Instead, I would automate satellite accounts that will promote those mains.

9 posts by week ? Didn’t get it


Don’t copy anything to any account. Best way to get anything banned/security triggers is to copy/paste settings across all accounts

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Personally, I don’t like the repost tool and have had my accounts linked many times because of it. I pay a VA to post on my accounts onto the EB on JV, it’s more costly but I don’t get captcha anymore.

Make sure each post is unique in some way. There are lots of threads on this, posting the same pic over many accounts can cause trouble.


I would say one repost a day and after a couple of weeks go with 2 reposts a day at most.

I would not recommend any reposting when warming up accounts, maybe some regular post will be helpful but no repost.

hello please i want to ask you what do you mean about that " I pay a VA to post on my accounts onto the EB on JV, it’s"
thanks :pray:

That was years ago. Now I just use the repost and campaign tool as its too nuch effort with manual.

When you are a small timer like I was back then, manual can work. But with thousands of accounts its impossible.

Hello guys! Does anyone of you have this problem with the repost tool: if I use the AI CONTENT (and chatgpt then) the tool does not consider the daily limit and goes one reposting one after the other tons of posts, while if I use the normal caption this doesn’t happen.

Any idea of the problem?